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  • Establishes and maintains access to services when face-to-face sessions are not available.
  • Uses electronic communications to enable Greater Chicago Music Therapy team members to see their clients for sessions without being in the same space.
  • Increases and maintains regularly scheduled activities and routines. 
  • Creates opportunity for social interaction and connection. 
  • Family and friends can join from their own devices.


Despite being at a distance, clients can still participate in individual music therapy.  A computer, tablet, or phone with access to the internet and a web camera allows the client to see and hear the therapist.  Telehealth music therapy sessions can be arranged for individuals at home, or in care​ communities such as assisted living or nursing homes. Family and/or friends can join remotely, or the client can be seen 1:1 by the music therapist.


Remote groups can be set up for ​anyone, whether living at home or in a residential care community ! If you are interested in a group but gathering together is not feasible (ex. COVID-19 restrictions), Greater Chicago Music Therapy offers several alternatives to bring music to those living at home or residing in care communities. 

Short 1:1 


For care communities, group session time can be divided between residents individually based on needs

Friends & Family Sessions

Family and/or friends can join sessions remotely from their own devices

Small Group Sessions

Groups are formed through the use of multiple electronic devices simultaneously, or by gathering a small group where possible

Support Groups

Music therapy can be a special feature of a support group currently meeting remotely to learn new techniques for health, wellness, and coping

Greater Chicago Music Therapy is offering additional programming during this time to further support residents and staff care communities. Contact us for more information about these options:

Older adult hands playing claves
  • Greater Chicago Music Therapy team members can create recorded sessions or educational music programs. While receptive music listening is not the same as music therapy, this may provide residents with additional means of engagement and stimulation during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Staff teams are under severe pressure at this time. Greater Chicago Music Therapy can offer groups for staff focusing on relaxation and tension relief, as well as stress reduction through music making.

Interested in telehealth music therapy?

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